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Background Imagery - County Map of the USA with a vectored web of lines and nodes wrapping across the country, signifying connections

At the project's core is the KnowWhere Graph, a geo-knowledge graph that is based on existing standards like RDF, OWL and GeoSPARQL, incorporates custom ontologies, and uses a hierarchical grid for spatial representations. The integrated KWG schema provides a holistic view of the graph modeling. Its current size exceeds 12 billion information triples, and the covered data support pilot scenarios in disaster relief, agricultural land use and food-related supply chains. These data include observations of natural hazards (e.g., hurricanes, wildfires, smoke plumes) and spatial characteristics related to climate (e.g., temperature, precipitation, air quality), soil properties, crop and land-cover types, demographics, and human health, among others. The table below shows a summary of the raw datasets, their providers, their spatiotemporal scopes etc.

The Graph Table

The graph can be queried directly using the SPARQL querying interface, or browsed with the Knowledge Explorer. The Knowledge Explorer helps a user focus their data search by providing a set of filters corresponding to data characteristics, and hyperlinked results allow the user to navigate and de-reference the graph. Together, these tools help reveal the graph's content and structure.

Our contribution of building KnowWhere Graph follows the CC0 license. Please cite our paper if you use our graph in your work:

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Meanwhile, we recommend that users check the license of the queried data from the original data provider.

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