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Cropland Impact Assessment Tool

Background Imagery - County Map of the USA with a vectored web of lines and nodes wrapping across the country, signifying connections

The Crop Impact Assessment Tool enables one to explore the geographic footprint of past wildfires and their smoke plumes in relation to agricultural distribution, processing and retail facilities.

Smoke and ash plumes can contaminate crops across areas far larger than those directly affected by wildfires, suppressing production of safe and consumable leafy greens. This tool enables stakeholders to estimate which components of a supply chain will likely suffer shortages. After identifying producers and retailers with the fewest alternative sources, who are likely to need priority assistance, a stakeholder can then explore options for sourcing leafy greens from unaffected areas. Since retailers with limited sources are most likely to suffer financial losses during and after severe wildfires, as well as an inability to serve their customers' needs, the stakeholder can follow up with these business owners to mitigate their expected exposure to risk as a result of the fires.

Cropland Assessment Interface

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