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Background Imagery - County Map of the USA with a vectored web of lines and nodes wrapping across the country, signifying connections

The KnowWhereGraph ("KWG"), an enabling application for various domains, is empowered by the convergence of linked data with environmental intelligence in the form of geo-enrichment or area briefings. Here we outline three main applications that serve as horizontal testbeds. (1) Together with humanitarian relief organization Direct Relief, we focus on bridging the time-sensitive gap between identifying a potential disaster and finding experts on the ground. (2) With the agriculture and food industry, we focus broadly on food supply chain resilience, and (3) agricultural credit.

Humanitarian Relief Graph

Disasters are complex and dynamic situations requiring humanitarian organizations to evaluate and respond rapidly to many different issues simultaneously. Often what is most needed to improve effective response is quick access to the right experts at the right time. To assist in identifying people with expertise in humanitarian aid and relief, with a particular focus on health and the health care impacts of disasters, we are working with Direct Relief...

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Food Supply Chain Resilience

It is critically important to understand and improve the robustness and adaptability of our Food Supply Chain, making it more resilient to disturbances in food supply and demand networks. There is inherently a risk of network fracturing and delayed recovery during extreme weather events, wildfires, floods, and other natural hazards. In the face of uncertain natural hazards of increasing frequency and severity, it is vital that the implications of these disruptions are evaluated for the source nodes of our supply chains, such that resiliency in the whole supply chain can be promoted ...

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Inspired by Esri's GeoEnrichment services and the Linked Data cloud, KnowWhereGraph starts with the concept of GeoEnrichment, augments it with Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph (KG) technology, and proposes the idea of Knowledge Graph based GeoEnrichment which aims at semantically enriching a given geospatial dataset with information from a cross-domain, up-to-date (Geographic) Knowledge Graph, namely KnowWhereGraph, from within a GIS \cite{mai2019deeply}.

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