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Knowledge graphs are not merely a set of technologies but a novel paradigm for the representation, retrieval, and integration of data from highly heterogeneous sources. Within just a few years, knowledge graphs have become a core component of modern search engines, intelligent personal assistants, business intelligence, and so on. Interestingly, despite large-scale data availability, they have not yet been as successful in the realm of environmental data and environmental intelligence services.

To this end, We have developed the KnowWhereGraph.

Our project explores why spatial data requires special treatment, and how, more importantly, when to convert environmental data into a knowledge graph-ready format. Our KnowWhereGraph contains a wide range of integrated datasets at the human-environment interface.

As part of the project, we showcase three pilot studies, and introduce geospatial enrichment services on top of our graph to showcase its value proposition. Jointly, the graph and services provides answers to questions such as "what is here", "what happened here before", "how does this region compare to..." at a high spatial resolution across the entire globe.

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